From The Bard to The Beard

Moribund Library

Apologiesfor the brief pause in transmission; I was busy growing older, and decided to celebrate my ageing with more than a few drinks. Thankfully, that’s all in the past now.

Whilst I was away, the tides of news broadcast continued to flow,with almost daily misadventures both here in the Good Auld Kingdom of Unity, and abroad in the Good Auld US of goddam A.

But if this weekend of mournful celebrations taught me one thing, perhaps invaluably, it is that in the face of drama, a bit of lighthearted humour can be as important to our sanity as action. The week – as with every week at the moment in our ever-bemusing world – was what any dramatists out there might call “farcical”…

The Farce Show

The Oxford Online Dictionary – hats off to Doctor Johnson, by the way- defines a farce as:

“A comic dramatic work using…

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